Happy Buddha



The Happy Buddha is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and happiness. Our version of a Happy Buddha comes in a hand poured candle and conveys just that-happiness, wealth, and prosperity. Happy Buddha is a luscious blend of warm, rich and comforting tones with its exotic blend of smokey sandalwood and creamy vanilla notes. The aroma envelopes you in a cozy, warm blanket of Buddha’s warm wishes.

Our hand poured candles are made of NON-GMO soy blend wax (98% soy, 1% veggie wax, 1% paraffin wax), phthalates free fragrance, and cotton wicks.
Please follow candle safety precautions on bottom of the vessel. (There is no pity for stupidity & we are not responsible for misbehavior or carelessness in candle use).

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Weight 8.00 oz


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