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    If you want a bar of soap that rivals Chuck Norris kick-ass awesomeness, then Bodyguard is your bar!

    Bodyguard is a VEGAN, 85% ORGANIC bar of soap with essential oils that are similar to “Thieves” oil (look up what Thieves Oil is because we can’t make medical claims) that will take your cleaning routine to a …

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    Cocoa Beach




    Cocoa Beach. It could smell like tourists, stale beer, and frustration.  

    Our Cocoa Beach soap reminds us of when we were kids and the great smell of sunscreen, fresh sea air, and a day of skipping school (Paige NEVER skipped school. Scott however….). Made with our awesome plant-based oil base, Cocoa Beach is straight up coconut fabulousness that …

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    Head Shop

    Namaste, my Friends! We are grounded and at one with the Universe with our new Head Shop soap.

    Head Shop soap is a groovy blend of the earthy, sweet florals, and rich incense tones of Nag Champa. 

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    Prosperity soap is a delightful blend of pomegranate, cranberries, and candied pears that fills your senses and makes your mouth water! We’ve added poppy seeds for gentle exfoliation and natural colors to make it purdy. 


    This is a seasonal product and is available for a limited time.

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    An island getaway is just a sniff away! Pacifica is the unexpected blending of gardenia and jasmine flowers that smells like a cool evening on a tropical island. Light, refreshing, and beautiful.